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~ by Chad Warren on April 8, 2010.

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  1. I boycotted Coca Cola 3 years ago after drinking it for many years. My decision was based on the information that came out about corn syrup in Coke products and the damage it causes healthwise. The corn syrup information about weight gain and other damage to the body is clearly proof that Coca Cola needs to change their formula back to sugar instead of corn syrup. Other countries have banned high fructose corn syrup and it is only in the U.S. that coke puts it in our beverages. no wonder we are the known as the fattest nation on earth! They use corn syrup because it’s cheaper. My teen daughter also says many kids at school have stopped drinking soda because they have heard about the large weight gain from corn syrup. Hey maybe we’ll all live without soda..and see health improvements now. Coco cola has NO place on their website to submit complaints or suggestions (except one location, which makes you agree NOT to suggest a change in formula of the product) Clearly they don’t care about their customers. The consumer has all the power..stop buying until they change it back to sugar formula. Sugar isn’t great for you..but doesn’t do as much damage as corn syrup. Coca Cola: Quit trying to save a buck on cheap corn syrup and make this product the way you used to before 1984.

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