Boycott Coca-Cola


1. They sell caffeine corn syrup.

What’s wrong with that?

The following reasons come from this source:

10% of the general population is allergic to penicillin.  1/4 of these people show symptoms like hives from penicillin traced to sources like soft drinks.

Phosphate levels are high in soft drinks and there is no calcium so this is believed to contribute to osteoporosis.

The sugar from 1 coke was able to stop white blood cells from fighting against gonococcal bacteria (what causes gonhorea) for 7 hours.

soft drinks are high in phosphorus which dissolve bone.

aspartame from 1 liteer of diet drinks can put 32 times the EPA level of methanol in us.

1 extra soft drink a day has been shown to increase a child’s risk of obesity by 60%.

Saccharin has been show to cause damage in the bladder and female reproductive system with dosages as small as 2 soft drinks/day.

Nerve impulse transmission can be deminished.

2. Psychological effect?

Remember the Pepsi Challenge?  Well, its been shown that people can’t tell the difference even though most people choose Coke.  It has been discovered that the reason why people choose coke is as much about our taste in their advertising as it is what we think about the taste of the product itself.  They can manufacture our consent without our being conscious about why we prefer it.

3. Worker’s Rights

In Columbia, the local bottlers pay dudes with guns to kill Unionists.  Coke says they have no control over what that company does eventhough it has its own people on that company’s advisor board.

Basically, they are a posterchild for all that is wrong with what we do with this world.  We allow ourselves to be lead by psychopaths.  Can you see how getting mad at some people outside ourselves IS THE PROBLEM?

Either “We the People” have the sense to organize and rule ourselves or we deserve to be treated like scum by people who hate that they have to  rule us in order to get what they want.  Can you imagine what is like to be one of these ultrarich elite?  They are rewarded for being control freaks.  They’ve built an empire off of the backs of the 99.7% of the rest of us.  We’re like cattle in a slaughter house.  Its kind of hard to respect an animal that watches his fellow cow be killed right in front of it and waits for his/her turn, isn’t it?

Our enemy is ourself.  We undervalue what we have that costs nothing that everyone is born with.  If we want to depend on others to take care of us; then, don’t you think they might want to kill us all and use robots instead?  What we have to understand is that our giving into desires with no control and choosing to be slaves to convenience and finance leads directly to creating a system where we are disposable.

You’re a leader just like the elite few.  Evil is your fault, my fault.  The whole idea that we are “little people” is where all the people in wars getting shot in the face comes from.

Anyway, I can’t think of an easier way to take back our responsibility and restore human dignity than to stop drinking Coke products.

Won’t you join me in this pursuit?

Where a T-Shirt, get a bumper sticker, hold up a sign in public, join a rally, whatever you can imagine.

There is a flipside to how power works that we can take advantage of.

If Coke is the most known brand in the world then we can change its meaning from a harmless beverage to “Killer Coke”.  Post this new meaning everywhere – fight with language.

You can out advertise these companies with your speech.  They pay big bucks to get in your head because you spread their message.  Take back control of your “self”.  You are a programmer as well as a consumer.  You’re the CEO that needs to change your behavior.  We don’t have to be mad and sad when we are the answer to our own problems.

How to help?

Post a picture or video here of you and your friends showing your civil disobedience against Coca-Cola.

Share your solutions here.

Share this message by wearing a T-shirt, displaying a bumpersticker and more from this store:

Every choice, every purchase makes a difference.

Thanks for your Consideration.


~ by Chad Warren on April 27, 2010.

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