How can freedom come from depending on technology?

I watched and enjoyed an episode of Frontline on PBS entitled: digital_nation – life on the frontier.

It was concerned with if we can be able to react to the effect of our tech addiction if the range of change is so fast?

The answer is NO. 

Look how long it took for us to accept that smoking is bad.  Even now that we do, kids and adults are still smoking away, right?

So, our ability to control our behavior is obviously degrading under the assault of 24/7 fast food, porn, gambling, drugs, news, etc.  You can’t use science to study it because the tech method being studied will be obsolete by the time the study is complete.

Yet, the power of the few to manipulate the many increases exponentially as we allow ourselves to get sucked into this human computer.

Edward Bernays, who was Sigmund Freud’s American nephew invented Public Relations.  He had women go to Times Square back at the turn of the 20th century and smoke cigarettes.  These were socialites who supported women’s rights and he knew that their stunt would cause a stir.  Immediately, men ganged around them and told them they were indecent for degrading their purity in this manner.  There were already press in the area who flocked to the scene.  When they did, the women were prepared with a statement Bernays knew they would declare – “We light these torches of freedom”.  The women’s suffrage movement was still a big deal perpetuated by the media and the next day this story was all around the globe.  Bernays was hired by Lucky Strike to get women to smoke.  He acted as a catalyst by making smoking cigarettes synonymous with freedom – much in the same way the Marlboro man did as he rode the mythical West with his preferred brand of cigarette before he died of cancer.

This is the evil that men do.  The few who we allow to create the world that we increasingly live in ( instead of the natural world that we have been given by creation)  shape our opinion.  If our opinion is shaped more than we shape it then democracy is an insult to intelligence and soverignty of the individual.  The voters are corrupted by the corporatation who influences them without laws that protect us against their evergrowing authority.

A great evil is highlighted in this documentary – The Army.  In Philadelphia, they have a place called, “The Army Experience.”  Its in a mall and is a place where you can play awesome video games all day for free where you shoot someone in the face.  You’ll hear this lame defense by the kids and soldiers who are there to recruit them – ” kids know the difference between shooting someone in a game and real life.” 

Really?  Another soldier who pilots drones and kills people uses this language.  “We followed this guy all day and he went from one soccer field to the next but then ended up in a building with BAD MEN DOING BAD THINGS.

Soldiers are idiots, I’m sorry but its a fact.  I wanted to ask this guy, “what bad things are they doing?”  He’d say, they were terrorists planning to detonate a bomb.  I’d ask, so how is you bombing them with your remote control airplane stopping them from bombing?  It isn’t ofcourse – its making it worse.  I’m sure the terrorist mentioned was in his building talking about how American soldiers are in bad guys in building planning bad things too.

If we have to become more and more evil and threatening with deadly violence to bring about peace then what we are really doing is bringing about more and more deadly violence.  The only difference is that that violence is only allowed to be carried out by the state.  Who cares if crime goes down because everyone is unhealthy on computers blogging and to distracted to represent themselves against their oppressors?

I want to be adult and hold the middle of the line between old and young, between tech and before tech; but, I can’t help but believe that we have been on a path of evil that the story of Adam and Eve defines as clearly as anything – and I am not a Christian.  Can our fear of the darkside of our falling to temptation save us or is it fear that is the problem?  I don’t know.


~ by Chad Warren on May 8, 2010.

One Response to “How can freedom come from depending on technology?”

  1. The original sin was anal intercourse. For the exegesis, google the first scandal Adam and Eve. Then click, read, and comment. Please. Thank you.

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