Compact flourescent lights can cause migraines.


~ by Chad Warren on March 8, 2011.

One Response to “Compact flourescent lights can cause migraines.”

  1. This question was posed in response to a similar article.

    “Chad, what do you think about this? It says more mercury is released in the air by the production and use of incandescent bulbs.

    The ultimate problem here is thinking a government can best manage this concern.

    We all know about l.e.d. lighting. We know its better. So, why are we allowing our government to pass a law without our

    input that says we should buy cfl’s?

    Is it possible that G.E. is using its superior leverage to get something good for them at the environment’s expense?

    Shouldn’t the basic rule of thumb for caring for the environment be to NOT TRUST the same government and corporations whom

    have taken our right to VOTE for what changes in environmental policies do occur?

    These are the same people who created all these ways to put noxious chemicals in our lives to the point that the downside

    outweighs the advantages. When computers were new the public was told that this kind of industrial production would produce

    no pollution.

    Think about this the next time you put your smartphone to your ear.

    Humans are being merged with machines, right?

    If this purposeful evolution is taking place then what will be the perfect world for humans of the future who will be more

    machine than man?

    It won’t favor organic lifeforms like animals and plants like it does now, will it?

    This is a major way that elites use language against us.

    Words have multiple meanings.

    When G.E. & the hijacked federal government say they are building products that are better for the environment, what

    environment do they mean? Obviously, they have a different view of the way things should be than individual people do, don’t


    We get confused trying to figure out what is right or wrong about anything so we end up letting corporations and the federal

    government dictate what is going on. Surprise, surprise, the outcome is not in the best interest of the individual,

    collective or the earth but for the ultrarich who exist beyond the laws of nations.

    A sane person would pose a question to any proposed solution to anything? “How could this solution be turned into a problem?”

    Only our diligent individual research can protect us against the biggest environmental threat – letting a few experts run our

    world for us without our input.

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