What does the Osama killing give us?

The following is a digest of this article at http://www.infowars.com

AP says torture of terrorists years ago gained info that helped the U.S. find Osama. So, you have to support torture or you’re a terrorist.

Osama was in a mansion next to the Pakistani military academy.

If info from years ago lead to Osama’s capture why did it take so long to get him?

DHS warns us hours after the Osama event that homegrown terrorists will use the internet to get us so look for our access to the internet to be restricted and our actions spied on and brought into courts.

Pakistan is being blamed for hiding Osama and who will care that we will be invading a sovereign country in a war either to defend against terrorists or to attack to take their nukes.

Remember, this is the same government that lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but we’re supposed to trust that they killed Osama yesterday? I don’t think so.


~ by Chad Warren on May 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “What does the Osama killing give us?”

  1. Yeah, it does make you wonder a little about the truth. Not that I care to see his bullet-ridden body, but they should give us more than just the “good word”. But, then again, that is just my conspiracy-theory mind coming into play here.

    • To me, its just like how we need to confirm any transaction.

      I hate to reference my fast food habit but its where I see how I changed what I do.

      It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I look in the bag of food they give me.

      Did I get what I ordered?

      Because there is a certain amount of pressure to leave the window.

      1. I think I need to be in a hurry or I wouldn’t eat fast food.
      2. The people that work there get in a fast rhythm so there is an urge not to slow it.

      There is alot to learn from that little situation right there.

      Pressure interfering with correct actions.

      Think about this for a second.

      We live in such a retarded world that if ANYONE questions any event regarding our government they are now labeled a conspiracy theorist.

      If we were sane and valued reason we would always ask questions even just to play devil’s advocate.

      Instead, we live under a different system because of the large number of people that live life by a different set of rules.

      Those rules state that the goal is to only see the good outcome and to fight back any other contrary opinion the way people kill roaches with fear, hatred and malice.

      Also, I don’t understand this big fear of seeing graphic violence in pictures of Osama. Look at the video games and movies we consume. Obviously, we’re not showing these pictures to our kids.

      See, people are just not thinking for themselves. Once they hear a claim like I just made they go: ” I can see that makes sense.”

      This is EXACTLY what happens in the book 1984. People lose the ability to think critically because one day they hear bologna gives you cancer, the next it helps stop cancer. People don’t know what to think. In psychological warfare this is called cognitive dissonance.

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