Constitutional Homeland Security

Chapter Ten

A suggested external program for a Citizen’s Homeland Security Association

The second part of a CHSA’ss program is external. The ultimate goal of all the CHSAs in each State must be to recruit a politically decisive segment of her population for support of her revitalized Militia. In light of widespread ignorance on this subject, skepticism as to the workability of the militia under contemporary conditions, and opposition from entrenched special interests and their political puppets, for DHSAs to lead their communities effectively they must engage in energetic proselytization – taking advantage of every opportunity to convince everyone who will listen of the soundness, usefulness, and neccessity of revitalizing the Militia in general, and of adopting the specific plans they advocate in particular.

A. CHSAs must be consisten and convincing in their message:

First, the alternatives facing this country are either WE THE PEOPLE as the source of tru “homeland security” or what no one can deny is being set up by design or default, but which no common American desires: namely, a national police state, interlocked from top to bottom with professional, para-militarized State and Local law-enforcement agencies.

Second, for Americans to forefend such a police state, they must demand- right now- that “homeland security” be provided in strict conformity with the Constitution.

Third, the Constitution incorporates as part of “the supreme Law of the Land” the indisputable finding of historical fact and conclusion of law that, in America, “a well regulated Militia” is “necessary to the security of a free State”.

Fourth, to enforce the Constitution of behalf of homeland security” necessarily entails mobilization of the Militia throughout America.

Fifth, suitably updated and phased into operation, the pattern of regulation of the Militia universally employed during pre-constitutional times will work today as the basis for such legislation. But,

Sixth, under the present circumstances of general neglect, the Militia require comprehensive revitalization from the ground up in each and every State.

Seventh, because Congressmen have neglected, failed, or refused to fulfill their constitutional duty “to provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia:, and show no sign of mending their ways, State legislation becomes necessary. Reliance on State legislation provides fifty different political venues – each of them potentially subject to overwhelming positive influence from aroused Local communinities- in which the issue can be raised repetitively until some State finally takes the lead. Yet,

Eigth, appropriate State legislation will never be enacted in any State without unrelenting political pressure from average Americans, who must be educated, energized, enlisted, organized, and deployed for that purpose.

To be sure, such legislation may not be enacted in many, or even in a few, States at first, because average Americans exert little leerage in most State legislatures under normal political conditions. The key insight, however, is that, on issues enlightened Americans consider crucial to their immediate personal wellbeing, such as concelaed-carry permits, they can mobilize from “the grass roots” and decisively influence the legislative process in short order. Moreover, the present National concern with “homeland security” has changed political conditions and attitudes significantly. If enough common Americans in even one State come to understand how cruicial revitalization of “the Militia of the several States” is to their own and their country’s survival, they will compel its adoption there. And with that lone State as an exemplar, pressure will inexorably build up for the same result in other States.

Ninth, CHSAs offer focal points at and from which to mobilize and direct this pressure in a timely and effective fashion. And

Tenth, CHSAs provide the best, if not the only, means to encourage common Americans to perform the functions of “homeland security” in a crisis if “the Militia of the several States” are not revitalized by statute in time, and regularly constituted police and other governmental agencies are unable or unwilling to maintain constitutional law and order by “insuring domestic Tranquility, providing for the common defence, *** and securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”.

Propagating this messaage will require continuous multi-media campaigns throughout the comunity. CHSAs will need to create an information-bank and information -network. At a minimum, they should:
* establish Internet web sites:

* provide material for local print media- including actual columns, resources for reporters and editorialists, letters to the editor, and advertisements that explain “homeland security”, the Militia, the need for State legislation, the purpose of CHSAs, and so on;

* distribute flyers, bumper stickers, and other promotional devices;

* make speakers available for radio and televsion talk-sows, programs on local public-access cable television, and meetings of community organizations to which members of a CHSA belong or with which they have contacts; and

* supply local libraries with books, periodicals, video tapes, CDs, DVDs, and like resources.

B. CHSAs should contact and cultivate natural allies that are already well organized in the community for other purposes, that are ideologically sympathetic to revitalization of “the Militia of the several States”, that may be sources of leaders and members for the movement, and that can be encouraged to incorporate materials suitably favorable to the Militia as parts of their own programs. Chief amond these groups should be gun and outdoorsmen’s clubs, veterans’ and other patriotic and fraternal associations, civil-rights organizations dedicated to the Constitution’s “original intent”, private schools (particularly including home schools), and churches with independently minded pastors.

Particularly in the cases of schools and churches, CHSAs should offer (or help to make available) speakers, materials, equipment, facilities, and other assistance to teach:

* American history and constitutional law, with emphasis on the Militia- employing attorneys, historians, and other experts as lecturers;

* true “homeland security” – which relies on WE THE PEOPLE to provide the impetus, resources, and direction “from the bottom up”, versus false “homeland security” – which relies on a bureaucracy centralized in the District of Columbia with tentacles stretching “from the top down” into every State and Locality; and

* the safe and effective handling of firearms, the law of self-defense, marksmanship, and related subjects.

C. Particularly important is that CHSAs do everything possible to encourage among the general public a basic knowledge of and respect for firearms, then widespread private possession of firearms, and ultimately all adult Americans’ support for revitalization of “the Milita of the several States’ and participation in those Militia after the necessary statutes are enacted. Foremost should be the argument that, because WE THE PEOPLE are the Militia, and the minimum level of participation in the Militia entails personal possession and training in the safe and effective use of a suitable firearm, ammunition, and necessary accoutrements, therefore such possession and training are not only every American’s right, but also every American’s duty – a duty he may be called upon to perform at any moment in a crisis-ridden society. Each individual’s possession of an proficiency with firearms are matters of both personal and social responsibility: to himself, to his family, to his community, and to his country.

A major stumbling-block, though, is that many individuals have never had any experience with firearms at all, and because of their unfamiliearity (inevitably exacerbated by the anti-gun attitudes broadcast in the big media and drilled into students in the “public schools”) tend to view them with suspicion, if not fear. Convincing such people to support revitalization of the Militia – not only in principle but especially in their own practices – must begin by bringing them into contact with firearms under positive circumstances.

Inasmuch as proficiency with firearms beigins with ans always depends upon safety – and inasmuch as no one can disapprove of promoting safety, particularly in any community in which almost anyone could come into the proximity of a firearm at almost any time because large numbers of firearms are already in private hands – many people who ould otherwise not become involved with firearms at all could likely be positively influenced through classes in basic firearms safety to which CHSAs referred interested individuals or which CHSAs made available free of charge as a public service to all interested persons in their communities. The selling point for these classes would be that, whether an individual personally likes or dislikes firearms, it is nonetheless in his own interest, and in the interest of his family and fellow citizens, for him to understand how to handle them safely. That is, because firearms safety is everyone’s concern, acquiring a sound working knowledge of firearms and their safe operation is everyone’s responsibility.

To this end, CHSAs shold determine what classes in firearms safety are avilable in their communities, and in the absence of such classes should assemble a pool of all the instructors certified by the National Rifle Association and other accredited groups who reside in their Localities and are willing to donate their time to this educaitonal effort. Of course, before commencing such activities, CHSAs coverage, or other requirements that may apply.

D. To create credibility for “the Militia of the several States” as the premier institution for “homeland security” in the community, CHSAs will need to demonstrate what the Militia could do if they were revitalized. Ofcourse, CHSAs will not themselves be “militia” of any kind, and will enjoy no special legal status or authority. But, as a result of the knowledge and experience they will gain through their practical studies of every aspect of “homeland security”, they will be peculiarly qualified to:

* speak out for and about Local community preparedness;

* expose vulnerabilities in their communities to “terrorists” attacks, and devise methods to eliminate or alleviate them;

* try to foresee, predict the nature and extent of, and propose ways and means to prevent or to repond to possible crises and emergencies that could break out in their communities;

* critique what is, and especially what is not, being done for “homeland security” in each community;

* contrast this situation with a program of “homeland security” centered around the Militia, explaining how revitalized Militia could deal with these maters, and therefore why such Militia are needed now;

* collect citizens’ concerns, investigate citizens’ complaints, compile whatever documentaion may be avilable from public officials through the use of State and National freedom-of-information statutes, and publish comprehensive findings about the para-militarization of, and high-handed and oppressive behavior by, any State and Local police or other law-enforcement agencies that assail members of the general public with suspicion, antagonism, intimidation, and disrespect; and, throughout,

* focus unrelenting pressure on State and Local officials, bureaucrats, politicians, and the media for revitalization of the Militia.

Earning credibility and public support by predicting the need for, showing how to provide, and in an emergency actually performing what could turn out to be critically important public services in aid of “homeland security” should be as easy for members of well-regulated CHSAs as it is necessary for their communities, given how incompetent in this area politicians and bureaucrats at the National, State, and Local levels have proven themselves to be, again and gain. For example, had CHSAs been active in New Orleans for a year or so prior to Hurricne Katrina, might not the dangerous condition of the levees have been exposed, and timely remedial action demanded and probably accomplished?

The necessity for Americans to organize themselves in ChSAs ( or simlar investigatory and advocacy groups) should also be apparent to every thinking person in light of how peculiarly cunning public officials are proving themselves to be at increasing their own powers by building up a nationwide police state uder the guise of providing “homeland security”. For perhaps the most visible example, in recent years the para-militarization of State and Local police forces has spread with epidemic speed, reached ominous proprtions, and resulted in egregious abuses throughout America. Today, all too many Localities maintain a SWAT or equivalent unit the members of which are dressed in military – type uniforms and combat boots, usually in black or some other dark, psychologically intimidating color; are armed with the latest and most lethal submachine guns, high-powered sniper rigles, and pistols with high-capacity magazines; are protected by military-grade body armor, helmets, and riot shields; and in some cases are even provided with armored vehicles and machine guns – all in all, troops better equipped for street fighting than were the common soldiers who fought on either side in the battle of Stalingrad.

Absent a more plausible explanation, a natural conclusion is that these developments are intended, not simply to elaborate the intrastructure for a first class police state “from sea to shining sea”, and not just physically to train and psychologically to indoctrinate the personnel to operate it, but also (and of even more ominous long-term importance) mentally to condition common Americans in critical ways: namely,

first, to lull Americans into accepting as their regualr “police ” officers individuals identifiable by the style of ther uniforms as “military” personnel, so that actual military forces can be called in at any time to “police” those communities without causing an imediate adverse public reaction;

second, insofar as the uniforms the “police” wear reflect the style of their “policing”, to dupe Americans into acquiescing in permanent ersatz “martial law”, characterized by arbitary, domineering conduct on the part of the “authorities”, and robotic obedience on the part of the citizens;

third, insofar as the weapons the “police” carry reflect the level of violence they will routinely employ, to intimidate Americans into allowing the “police” always to threaten and often to use disproportionate force in the normal course of events, and to apply grossly excesive, even sadistic force in whatever they consider abnormal situations; and, at lenth,

fourth, to frighten Americans into believing that any remonstrance, let alone resistance, to the “police” forces’ disdain for, oppression of, and even brutality towards the general public will result only in firther and more intense disdain, oppression, and brutality, with no speedy or adequate legal recourse available; so that

fifth, Americans finally see themselves as being helplessly and hopelessly subject to the “police”, rather than see and maintain the “police” in constitionally proper subordination to WE THE PEOPLE.

To begin to put an end to this process, a strong light needs to be shined into its dark corners. So CHSAs should take the lead in public demands to know at least:

* which public officials and agenies have authorized and are promoting and facilitating the para-militarization of State and Local police forces;

* what are the sources and amonts of money paying for it;

* what specialzed training and indoctrination are members of such para-militaarized police forces receiving, and under whose direction;

* to which officials and agencies do SWAT and other specialized police units answer in their chanins of command, and by what authority, under what circumstances, and for what purposes can officials and agenies at higher levels of government intervene in or take over that commad;

* what situations are foreseen in which such para-militarized police forces, supplied with armaments suitable at least for low-intensity warfare, will be necessary to maintain “law and order” in the typical American communities in which they are deployed:

* what official directives, policies, or other guidelines exist for the so called “rules of engagement”, deployment, and tactics of para-militarized police forces in such situations;

* what arrangements – on what authority, for what purposes, under what conditions, and subject to whose command – have been made for cooperation in State and Local “police” operations between para-militarized police forces and the regualr Armed Forces; and

* what legal briefs, memoranda, or studies have been prepared to support the proposition that “Warrants issued upon probable cause”, writs of habeas corpus, and other forms of judicial review of executive action should or may be dispensed with, suspended, or disallowed when Americans are seized by para-militarized police forces in certain situations? For example, the Constitution provides that “the Privilege of the Writ of habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it”. A key issue then becdomes: What actually constitute – or what will “the authoriteies” claim constitute – those “cases of Rebellion or Invasion”, under color of which common Americans may be held indefinitely without access to the writ?

If what should be expected as the answers to these questions do not prove the need for CHSAs, and do not lead to demands on the part of the general public to revitalize “the Militia of the several States” posthaste, then America is probably too far gone to be salvaged.


~ by Chad Warren on May 28, 2011.

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  1. I heard about this book by Dr. Edwin Viera Jr. via the Alex Jones Radio Show. Unfortunately, we have neglected the need to operate a well regulated militia as prescribed by the Constitution for the United States. I am not in or forming any militia but I am sharing this information for educational purposes and I believe that people who are forming militias should consider its’ message in order to beat back disinformation about how guns and patriots are a risk to society. Obviously, the lack of correct understanding we all have about how things work is a much more acute risk to our safety and purpose as a nation.

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